Cornerstone Wealth Management provides investment advisory services to individuals, businesses, trusts, and retirement plans.

Client portfolios are constructed through the ongoing purchase and sale of individual stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, certificates of deposit, municipal and corporate debt securities, and U.S. government securities. We consider the individual needs of each client in making purchase and sale decisions within clients’ accounts and will make any necessary adjustments for each individual's needs.

Each asset allocation is an individualized strategy, so clients are not just put into a model based on a brief questionnaire.

Each individual’s strategy is built on the careful consideration of the key elements of their financial profile:

  • Investment Objectives: What the investor hopes to achieve using this investment portfolio – improve current lifestyle; achieve capital growth; fund a specific goal
  • Risk Tolerance: This reflects the investor’s comfort level with market fluctuations that can result in losses.  Inflation risk and interest risk need to be considered as well. 
  • Investment Preferences: An investor may prefer to invest in one asset class over another based on a certain bias or interest towards the characteristics of that class.
  • Time Horizon: The length of time an investor is willing to commit to achieving his objectives.
  • Taxation: Investing in a mix of asset classes will have varying tax consequences. 

All Cornerstone Wealth Management clients have periodic reviews of their current financial situation and their investment strategy.

Financial markets will change, as will your financial situation.  Through market gains and losses, a portfolio can become unbalanced and it may be important to make adjustments to your allocation. As people move through life’s stages their needs, preferences, priorities and risk tolerance change and so too must their asset allocation strategy.